About us

Hello!! and thank you for taking the time to get to know us 🙂

 The Chromatic Collective is a photo and video team ( Jacob Lacey + Josh Morris ) that is on the constant pursuit of radness.  Everyone has a story to tell, a love to spread, and dreams to share with the world.  Our only goal is to document and tell that story.

Most hybrid photo and video companies are primarily one or the other- that started offering the additional service.  What sets us apart is that we are one in the same; as we successfully ran our own businesses, one photo, and one video.  Together we aim to enhance not only the wedding industry but set our sails for wherever our imagination takes us.  We are driven by passion, and a love to create!  

We are a team of two friends coming together for one awesome experience.  We had been shooting side by side as our own companies for a couple of years now, helping each other out, when we realized how well and in sync we both work together. We're always having fun, and we believe that really shines through for our client experience.  

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Meet the Team

Josh Morris

Josh is a family man with two beautiful daughters who also owns a wedding venue with his wife, Katherine.  He has an extensive background in video and has shot countless events- from weddings to full blown commercial shoots. When Josh isn't working, you may find him on his Harley or trying to tell bad jokes and correct Jacob's grammar :) 

Jacob Lacey

Jacob is recently married and has a background in photography. He has been shooting weddings for almost ten years under his own name before teaming up with Josh. When there isn't a camera in his hand, most likely a coffee cup will be.