Amanda + KC ~ Cinque Terre Elopement

Cinque Terre Elopement Photographer

Some days I still have to remind myself how lucky I am being a photographer. The photographs are such a small part behind the passion of this profession too!! I’m not sure how much I would have learned about love, forgiveness, trust and compassion if I didn’t photograph weddings. If you work hard enough at something you are truly passionate about, I really believe you are able to love what you do. And make a living from it 🙂 You just have to want it more than anything else. Similar to finding the person to spend the rest of your life with. Although it’s one of the best feelings in the world, it also takes hard work. But it is so rewarding to see, witness, and feel.

Have you ever been to Vernazza, Italy? More specifically photographed an elopement in Cinque Terre! And bring your wife <3

I haven’t up until Amanda asked me if I would be interested in flying over and documenting their day. Umm, yes please.  So after some delayed and cancelled flights, hotel rooms, audio books, tons of snacks and a handful of train rides, we arrived here in this jaw dropping little town the night before their wedding.

After what seemed like a treasure hunt to find our AirBnb, we headed down the street to a restaurant and enjoyed a glass of champagne. We snuggled up on a bench outside overlooking the bay, as you see from the first picture below. As we waited for the wedding group to meet us for dinner, you couldn’t help but sit there and pinch yourself. As if you are in some sort of dream. After a bunch of pasta, seafood, and wine, we left back to our room and awaited the sunrise the next morning not to miss a drop of this trip.

I set up a short time lapse as we watched the sun come up gracefully over the horizon. It slowly started to paint the buildings of the (what seemed like) ancient city with warmth and vibrant colors. Over the next few hours I met up with KC and some friends to scout around in hopes to find some spots for the first look and the ceremony later on in the day. We must have climbed hundreds of stairs. A couple of espresso shots and well earned double fisted croissants, I made my way back to grab my camera gear.

Amanda and KC stayed in the same house, but got ready in different rooms. So that kept it easy for me to bounce back and forth. KC left ahead of us for the first look, as we came up behind and set up. I laid a GoPro down with a small tripod while I photographed them. We took some more portraits before heading to meet everyone for the ceremony down by the waterfront. With seven friends as your wedding guests, and a best friend for an officiant, I think it was safe to say the day was absolutely incredible.

Following their ceremony we walked around for a bit for some more portraits, while the others sat down at a nearby restaurant for some wine and appetizers. We capped off the night with a perfect dinner up near the watchtower that was apparently close to a thousand years old. After a short nights sleep, we then got picked up and sped off to the airport to get back home. One of the shortest, yet most memorable trips ever and I am so thankful for the opportunity. I hope everyone enjoys the photographs and short video. Happy 2019 everyone! stay passionate, hungry and always follow your hearts.

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