Jenna + Caleb ~ Kingsburg, CA Wedding Video

I love getting to shoot weddings at family residences. There’s such a strong sense of history and love that surrounds the couple and with every minute of the day, those memories are being built upon with new and exciting ones. This was precisely the case for Jenna and Caleb’s wedding in Kingsburg, CA where they exchanged vows in the backyard of Caleb’s parents’ house.

With over 400 guests in attendance, Cassandra helped put together a day that was nothing short of perfection. Even the weather cooperated with an incredibly beautiful day, though forecasts had predicted significant rain. I can’t imagine how anything could have been better for such an amazing celebration of two truly beautiful people.

From the moment we met up with them, Jenna and Caleb were non-stop smiles. In my experience, the bride generally gets most of the smiling in, but on this day, Caleb definitely gave Jenna a run for her money. For most of the afternoon, it’s like we didn’t exist – they were both just so excited to be with each other and their loved ones that having four camera lenses pointed in their direction didn’t phase them at all. And for the record, we love that. The best moments aren’t the “Move your head three inches to the left” staged ones. They’re the raw, unfiltered moments where true authenticity and beauty shine through.

My hope is that as you watch this video, you get the same sense of genuine joy and love we experienced while shooting it. I feel honored and blessed to have been trusted with such a holy and beautiful day, and I’m so excited to share those memories, through video, with you. Enjoy.