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A miraculous thing occurs when you meet people on one of the happiest and most memorable days in their life.  You become instantly close on that day.  At least on my part.  It’s hard to understand but those barriers and bonds that take time to build in a relationship are suddenly non-existent. You somehow fit in amongst the family and lifelong friends as if you were one of them.  When a recently engaged couple is in search for their wedding vendors- an instant trust is established as soon as they hire you.  They may have ideas and pinterest boards but they also have complete faith in your craft; knowing that you can capture and deliver an amazing product on such an emotional day.  It isn’t something I could have ever imagined getting into wedding photography but it is one of the things I love about it.

Paria and Lao’s ceremony was held at a family friends house on the east coast of Maui in Haiku.  We flew out earlier that week to get settled in.  It’s always a good idea to do this just to make sure all of your luggage and equipment arrive on time!!  Hawaii is such a beautiful place, especially Maui.  Where there is a rain storm on one side, there are blue skies and scattered clouds on the other.  The light just does something insane for portraits also.  Skin tones are beautiful and vibrant and every background you shoot in is filled with colorful landscapes.

The ceremony property surrounded us with 360 degree landscapes and stormy skies. Non-stop hugs were exchanged well into the night, with a dance floor filled with cozy moves paired with the tasty grooves by their awesome DJ and Lao’s brother on bass guitar. There was no shortage of surprises as Lao wrote, sang and played his own song for his new wife. Shortly after they watched a slideshow of family and friends and also a personal video message and song by Jason Mraz.  The night ended perfectly with a sparkler send off as the two drove away together.

The following day Josh and I met up with Paria and Lao for an adventure shoot since we were unable to do an engagement session.  The sky was a dark gray with non-stop water pouring down on us.  The four of us ended up following them back to their house where they were staying in Hana.  We will let the photos do the talking but I must admit, our experience topped it all.

We hiked down the side of the mountain into the forrest; mud and water everywhere, using ropes to stay on our feet- I only fell once 🙂  After about 15-20 minutes through the trees it opened up to a series of ponds and waterfalls with water rushing from one to the next.  Little did I know that we were standing over the biggest one, and although I couldn’t see the drop or bottom, the fall was well over 100 feet high.  I will speak for both of us for we were giggling like little kids- it was incredible.

We also made their wedding video which you can watch here.  Sorry for so much text, hope these pictures make up for it 😉  maui wedding photographer

maui wedding photography portraitsmaui wedding photographermaui-wedding-photographer-1amaui-wedding-photographer-3maui-wedding-photographer-5maui-wedding-photographer-6maui-wedding-photographer-8maui-wedding-photographer-9groom portraits at maui weddingmaui-wedding-photographer-19maui-wedding-photographer-26amaui wedding photography groom getting readyhairstylist maui weddingmaui wedding notes photosmaui wedding ceremony photographymaui-wedding-photographer-27amaui-wedding-photographer-26maui-wedding-photographer-30maui wedding ceremony haikumaui-wedding-photographer-37amaui wedding bride maui-wedding-photographer-38intimate maui wedding ceremonymaui-wedding-photographer-43maui-wedding-photographer-32afun wedding day photos in mauimaui-wedding-photographer-40aoutdoor wedding portraits in mauimaui-wedding-photographer-50maui wedding party photosmaui wedding photographersmaui-wedding-photographer-57maui wedding photographywedding portraits on maui hawaiimaui-wedding-photographer-70maui wedding photographer portraitsmaui wedding details receptionwedding reception tent mauimaui-wedding-photographer-76maui-wedding-photographer-90agroom playing guitar on wedding day in mauimaui wedding groom playing guitarmaui-wedding-photographer-62amaui wedding cakemaui-wedding-photographer-91maui-wedding-photographer-93maui wedding photographermaui-wedding-photographer-95maui-wedding-photographer-96wedding sparkler exit on Maui Here is Lao and Paria in front of their honeymoon suite on the Hana side of Maui.  As you can see the rain coming down on all of us, it was well worth the shot 🙂  Who needs sunshine and blue skies right!?

maui wedding in the rainmaui-adventure-wedding-photography-3maui adventure weddingmaui-adventure-wedding-photography-5maui-adventure-wedding-photography-7maui waterfall wedding photomaui trash the dress sessionmaui trash the dress photosmaui-adventure-wedding-photography-15trash the dress maui hawaiiwedding flower crown in mauimaui-adventure-wedding-photography-22maui adventure cracking coconutsHere is the top of the biggest waterfall, with a view leading straight to the ocean 🙂hawaii waterfall weddingmaui-adventure-wedding-photography-26maui wedding photos waterfallswaterfalls in mauimaui-adventure-wedding-photography-35maui-adventure-wedding-photography-36maui-adventure-wedding-photography-38maui waterfall weddingmaui-adventure-wedding-photography-44maui waterfall weddingmaui-adventure-wedding-photography-46maui-adventure-wedding-photography-47maui-adventure-wedding-photography-48maui adventure wedding photography

maui-adventure-wedding-photography-54We had such an amazing trip during this wedding!  Aside from all of the camera work, Josh and I were able to bring along Kat and Lindsay to help us with an epic long overdue vacation.  We started this company to combine our strengths of photo and video together and this wedding is a perfect example of just that.  To also be best friends is topping on the cake.  Thank you Lao and Paria for flying us out for your wedding for photography and video.  The love you two have for each other and shared with us will be forever ingrained in our hearts.    Maui wedding photographer