Prefumo Canyon Sunrise Engagement

Who wouldn’t want a Prefumo Canyon Engagement Session? A dream!

I have to admit. I was lucky enough to be born and raised here in San Luis Obispo, and yet, I didn’t know about most of the beauty it holds. I have to give credit where it’s due. Being a San Luis Obispo wedding photographer provides countless motivation to explore this incredible central coast so many of us call home. I always thought it was just a place people came to escape and relax. To grab a slice of paradise for a brief weekend trip, before going back to their land of mortgage affordability and big city careers!

With endless rolling hills, miles of breathtaking coastline, and hundreds of wineries to choose from, it’s no wonder why San Luis Obispo is the perfect escape. It’s your half way point in between San Fransisco and Los Angeles, providing an opportunity to explore, hike and adventure during a weekend getaway.

San Luis Obispo county spans from Paso Robles down to Santa Maria, inviting adventure seekers endless locations to explore. This gives wedding photographers a full list of locations for engagement sessions to choose from. Lucky us! Awesome locations combined with incredible wedding venues is the dream for any happy couple looking for their fairytale wedding.

For Sheridan and Kevin, planning their engagement session was like most, in that they lived out of town and we had to schedule it around both our schedules. Often this means a late afternoon, around the weekends to avoid most photographers Saturday weddings. As we got closer to their engagement session, we casually threw out the idea of possibly doing a Prefumo Canyon Sunrise Engagement session. For portraits, sunrise can bring just as much beauty as any sunset- with the only downside being how early it is, and unpredictable weather. Luckily here on the central coast, you can find your average temperatures hanging at about 65-75 degrees year-round.

We coordinated and met up at a spot we were both familiar with to carpool up to the top of Prefumo Canyon Road about 30 minutes before the scheduled sunrise. This gave us enough time to drive, park, prep outfits and hike to our first location in order to best utilize the sunrise and landscapes. It was pretty windy and chilly at first, as it usually is just before the sun comes up. However they both handled it beautifully, focusing on each other and trusting the process. As the sun peaked out from the background, I knew right away their photos were going to be incredible. From that point, you trust in your ability to frame your couple within the landscapes you have to work with, as well as your camera settings; leaving 100% of your attention as a photographer to give to your clients. To make them feel comfortable, to keep them focused on their love they both share, and to create a fun memory we all can remember together.

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