Keely + Curtis ~ Santa Margarita Wedding Video ~ 5.21.16

Keely and Curtis are some of the sweetest, most caring, generous and fun-loving people you’ll ever meet. They’re also fire-fighting badasses and beasts in the gym. Thanks to Atascadero CrossFit, I had the incredible “fortune” of meeting these two when I started attending classes. Their passion for fitness, healthy living and having a good time was both infectious and inspirational. They’re the kind of people you just love being around – especially when they’re together. So when they asked us to capture their wedding, the answer was, “Hell yeah!”

The soon-to-be newlyweds exchanged vows on a bridge built in 1917, right at the entrance to Curtis’ family ranch in Santa Margarita, CA. Bridges seemed to be a theme throughout the day, since the other bridge on the property was actually built by Keely’s dad, years and years before she’d meet Curtis, so it was only fitting that the two would celebrate such a special day on the property where things were being set in motion for their paths to cross decades ago.

As you watch this glimpse into their wedding day, I hope the love these two share comes through as beautifully as it does in real life. I’ve often heard that you can tell a lot about a couple by the people they surround themselves with and in this case, Keely and Curtis must be awesome because their family and friends were friggin’ rad. From the most epic cake cutting I’ve ever seen to heartfelt toasts and crazy dance moves, I think this was a day that won’t soon be forgotten. Enjoy!