Stephanie + Chris ~ Spanish Oaks Wedding Video

Stephanie and Chris are such an amazing couple. They’re down to earth, laid back and love life. I’m also pretty sure neither of them particularly like being the center of attention, so planning a wedding where everyone has come together to celebrate their lives probably wasn’t at the top of their bucket list. What did top that list, however, was sharing a life with the other. A life that, regardless of prosperity or hardship, would be there to encourage, challenge and love the other. With that at the forefront, they orchestrated an amazing day that allowed friends and family to share in that love, while still wonderfully reflecting their own personalities and style.

Beneath the massive oak trees at Spanish Oaks Ranch, Stephanie and Chris shared personal vows, promising the rest of their lives to each other as well as committing to not watch the next episode of a TV series without the other or fighting while hungry. A spectacular brunch followed, with lawn games, dancing, heartfelt toasts and live music. The day was nothing short of perfect and I think the following video and images captured these two beautifully.

Images coming soon!