Trent Burkett ~ Sculpture Artist

Trent is definitely one of a kind.  He is a rad guy full of knowledge in just about every area you can think of.  He claims not to be a hipster, but spend 10 minutes with him and…. um, sure buddy 🙂  He loves coffee, his family, and his gift to create.  When he’s not working, you may find him doing a Crossfit style workout in his studio, gardening and cooking at home with his family, or planning his next multi-day trip into the wild to get inspired and gather raw materials for his next piece of art.  I spent a few days up at his studio space in Arroyo Grande to create a video for his company in hopes to give the viewer a glimpse of who he is and a look at the creative process he uses to create his sculpture work.

Trent hosts a few pottery sales throughout the year to share his passion and connect with the local community.  Each piece is unique, stylish and made by hand, and then fired in his massive kiln, with functional pieces for just about every household.  Once you try one of his cups or coffee mugs, you will soon question why in the world you have that Target set of plates in your kitchen cupboard.

Come down to the San Luis Obispo Museum of Modern Art on August 5th at 6-9pm for the opening night of his solo show called “Etcetera.”  Trent will be there, and we will too!  It is free to the public and will be in conjunction with Art After Dark.  Please stop by, say hi, look at some rad art, and grab a drink with us afterwards.  The exhibit will stay up until October 2nd if you are unable to make it to the opening night.

If you would like to personally reach out to Trent for more information, custom commissioned art, or find out where else his work is showing, you can contact him here:

Trent Burkett – City Art Plant Studio