Whitney + Trevor ~ Radonich Ranch Wedding

Radonich Ranch Wedding

Whitney and Trevor’s Radonich Ranch Wedding was an absolute blast! We drove up to Santa Cruz for the weekend to capture their special day with photography and video. Radonich Ranch is a beautiful venue, as if it was placed perfectly between the mountains. For any bride, groom, guest or wedding vendor, Radonich Ranch has everything you could ever want in a venue. You have the place to yourselves, filled with a mix of open land and trees scattered around the property, a rustic barn to dance in and a picturesque location for a ceremony overlooking a pond. The Ranch host Marky was very welcoming and helped us all throughout the day.

The Proposal:

“We had been dating for 3 years long distance. Trevor had just been offered his dream job at Intel in Arizona and I had my dream job as a teacher for Santa maria-bonita so neither of us wanted to budge and move. I came out to Arizona during Easter in March 2016 for spring break. Since Trevor had to work all week, we would go out and explore at night. One night he invited me to go on a hike up Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale at sunset. Unbeknownst to me, Trevor had hired a photographer at the last minute. So we got to the top, he positioned me just so in the light, and dropped down on one knee. I was shocked but I think I was also more worried that we were going to get a ticket because we started hiking down after Sunset. We got to our car just as the park ranger was writing us up! We didn’t get a ticket and added that as our first memory as a newly engaged couple on 3.31.16, his parent’s wedding anniversary.”

My mom was actually Whitney’s babysitter when we were kids. Funny how much of a small world you realize this is and how well a lot of us are more connected than we think. Social media probably deserves a lot of the credit too 🙂 It was a real honor to be there on their wedding day, and I am beyond grateful to have photographed their wedding day. We hope you love the video and photos!! Congratulations Whitney and Trevor, you both are amazing and loving people with an incredible family. Thank you for bringing us coffee from your Thailand honeymoon too, that was so thoughtful and caring!

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